Merry Christmas!

I'm hungry--brunch isn't done yet! Mom made quiche, like she always does, and I contributed a green chili bread pudding with sinful amounts of cheese and bacon. I am so HUNGRY!!!

At our house we don't have Christmas dinners any more--although Mom has tried to convince us they used to do them, I have only dim recollections of cherry-pineapple ham and whole cloves--and instead we have a big brunch after opening presents. And now that we're all older, the presents aren't really the main event. (Except for D.) S bragged to all her friends about our "traditional" quiche lorraine and how it was so much better than any Christmas dinner. I am wont to agree, as you will be when I upload pictures tomorrow.

For now, here are pictures of our annual gingerbread house! We buy a ready-made kit and a bunch of our favorite candy from Long's--now CVS, darn! Enjoy the pictures; I'm going to go nurse my growling stomach with a big glass of water.

 The pez were my idea but S tried to take the credit. Typical.

 She did a great job on the icicles, though!

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