Obsessions, Pt. 1: The Perfect Cookie

The Perfect Cookie, or TPC, is the obsession that inspired this whole blog thing. And now that my friends and I are all splitting up for a while (and some of us for a VERY long while, Deepa and Solaaaaara!) the theme has lent itself perfectly to a more travel/cultural thing.

For me, the perfect cookie has always been the classic chocolate chip, though I have a weakness for peanut butter and mint chip, and anything with oatmeal, too. My main goal this summer is to duplicate the Nolan's cookie, the monstrous creation of my dorm cafeteria. It is everything a chocolate chip should be: chewy, crunchy, thick, and simple. The huge chocolate chunks and doughy center are perfectly complementary, and the thick, crisp outer edge fits perfectly in my hand.

Sometimes I will have a cookie dinner. A $3.69 charge on my credit card is invariably the Nolan's Chocolate Chip Cookie and a large diet pepsi, which are more than filling and oh-so-satisfying.

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