Blogger's Resolution

WHEREAS, New blogger KMO has demonstrated an interest in food and travel, and an excess of free time to waste--ahem, to devote to improving her health and cooking skills; and

WHEREAS, An avid reader, KMO spends way too much time reading other people's recipes and never ever trying them except that one time (brown sugar cupcakes!) that it turned out really well; and

WHEREAS, Like many young women, KMO is an omnivore with a penchant for game but an environmental conscience, and finds herself not uniquely at a moral and political crossroads at just the lifting of a forkful of lamb; and

WHEREAS, She really, really wants to finally lose weight; and

WHEREAS, A whiner at heart, KMO can no longer make excuses for not following-up with any wishes on her blog, and recognizes that her original recipes are rather lacking in both creativity and substance; and

WHEREAS, Despite her schedule, KMO will set out to cook at least three meals a week, of substance, and a substantive meal shall be defined as a meal which contains vegetables, grain or starch, and a significant protein; and

WHEREAS, A young woman with impeccable taste and like-minded friends, KMO has also committed herself to bake at least once every two weeks a bread, cake, or similar item to be shared with the people she loves and/or hoarded for herself; and

WHEREAS, KMO has finally chosen her birthday dinner and will for once eschew the grill for a more classic dish, Agneau de sept heures, or in English, succulent leg of lamb cooked on the stove with carrots, onions, and herbs for seven hours; and

WHEREAS, KMO recognizes that there will be many missteps along the path to this perfect meal (JULY 9!!!); now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED BY KMO, That she will share with all of you--or, as the case is, with no one in particular--her fumbles and triumphs, her pleadings for mercy, her bellows of triumph, and most importantly, hopefully, her non-expanding waistline.


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