A long, looong time coming

The whines continue; I am still camera-less, and therefore my pictures come at the whim of the people who have lent me theirs. These are pictures from my sister's (S) graduation party at the end of May. (Yeah, I know.)

My mom and I spent three weekends making, like, five hundred thousand cookies, and by the end of the party, we only had about four thousand left over. I have a pretty great story about the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but I will that for its own post (with the recipes for all three). Hey, I have to find something to do while I'm at work...

Not so great for the diet project, but so so yummy. (In the following weeks, my sister was, ironically, the only person who resisted the temptation to slip a hand into the freezer and pull out one--no, two--no, four!! cookies at a time to munch on. S is also the person who taught me the phrase: "A moment on the lips, forever on the hips!" It didn't sink in.)

S loves chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, so we had to have those. My mom and I also made vanilla sugar cookie S's just for her. The german chocolate cookies were the real triumph, though. They could melt anyone's willpower: crunchy on the outside, soft and truffle-like in the center, and the dough tasted like See's chocolate butter. They were seriously amazing.

Oh yeah, there some veggies, too. And crinkle-cut chips. At my grad party, we made most of the food from scratch. We didn't have a real "main course" but instead had several kinds of appetizers, cheeses, and of course cookies.
I think we may have had too much food at S's party, but there were fifty or sixty people there, so it was fine.

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