I have been insanely busy!! I will have some real posts and stories again soo, I promise, but for now just finding an InternetTrain has been extremely frustrating!

This morning I walked to il Merchato Vecchio to look at the leather goods. I wan't planning on buying anything yet (EXCEPT A WINTER COAT, IT IS FREAKING COLD AND WINDY), and all of the men were so pushy about trying to get me to buy something. I noticed the woman next to me spoke Spanish, so I turned to her and made a comment about them. We ended up talking for a while and it turns out she owns one of the stalls. Long story short... I DID end up buying a darling little purse (I want to carry something small when I don't need my school book, etc, because I can keep it closer to my body). Her husband made them, and she said because I was "si bella e si fredda!!" (so pretty and so cold!) and also vacationed in Mexico this summer, she would give me a good deal. She brought out all of her purses and asked what I was looking for, what kind of things I liked.

It was the most fun I think I've ever had shopping; it didn't FEEL like shopping! I found one that is just perfect, just very much my style, and I knew it when she pulled it out. She agreed (of course she agreed, haha) and told me it was 45 euro. I checked the tag and it was £95! I told her I would bring my friends back and she said, No, you dont need to do that, but maybe come and visit some time.

Hahaha so hopefully I didn't just get caught in a crazy tourist trap, but she really was sweet and she gave me the card to her husband's leather shop. I'm going to have to look it up when it comes time for my BIG shopping.

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