These feet were made for walking

God, I hate walking tours.

The headset starts to hurt,

you resent that ringing voice in your ear,

and worst of all you move too fast to really SEE anything!

I wrote down a lot of facts to tell you guys, like that 200 AD, one in every two hundred and fifty people on earth lived in Rome, and that  the word arena comes from the sand thrown on the ground to absorb that gladiators' blood during exhibition--but honestly I'm too burnt out after that walk to even look them up right now.

This temple was built by some emperor (Angostino?) to deify his wife, Faustina. I thought that was really cool. Also, I found the following, which kind of made my trip. Hopefully you can read the English translation, because I am way, way too tired right now to copy it and type it in here.

Some things never change.

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