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I'm in the process of compiling all of my pictures/stories from the second half of March. What you have to look forward to:
  • Italian Father's Day (and another trip to Piazzale Michelangeolo!),
  • French food, museums, and beaches,
  • More pictures from my neighborhood and some typical dinner menus,
  • A trip to a famous Florentine enoteca, and finally,
  • My cheesy, touristy, Florentine vacation!
All of that from March. And then, of course, there's April... but you'll have to wait a few days for that to get going.

If only I had kept this up form the beginning... It seems like a chore, now. I have to pack my camera, my laptop, all the requisite cords, and trek to the center to use the internet. When wireless isn't working at my university (about one out of three times), I lug my stuff to the Internet Train on via Guelfa and plug it in there.

I feel like I spend more time walking through Florence than doing anything else, except maybe eating. My roommate feels the same way. We're both always rushing to where we need to be. Italians say Americans are always in a rush, but it's impossible to avoid when you have to get from one end of the city to another in thirty minutes for a class you can't be late for.

Maybe that's why the shops are never open; the Italians are all taking their time on the way to work.   :)

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