Squash Pizza and Garlic Brussels Sprouts, from the Lamb post

As I mentioned, I used smitten kitchen for inspiration for my pizza, but Dad's brussels sprouts were all his idea.

I don't feel like typing out the whole recipe for pizza, although I will say that I tweaked Deb's recipe quite a bit. I used whole wheat flour (half wheat and half AP, as she suggested), fresh tomatoes instead of goat cheese; I also a bit of white vinegar as well as lemon juice over the pizza, and adding fresh basil and oregano from my garden. The whole wheat makes it very nutty, dense, and rich--be sure to add enough salt and pepper at the end.

If you are using fresh tomatoes, either sap up some extra moisture with paper or clean kitchen towels and a sprinkling of salt*, or pre-cook them a little bit. Extra moisture will make your pizza soggy. Gross.

The most important change I made was to do a slow rise with the dough. This is my favorite technique for creating simple, rich tasting breads. Make the dough up in the morning, then seven or eight hours later (about forty minutes before dinner) press it down and roll it out thin. Let it rise a second time, and add the toppings right before you put it in a very hot oven.

*The salt trick I learned post-pizza, so I can't vouch, but it seems like it would work.

Garlic Brussels Sprouts
  • A bunch of brussels sprouts
  • A few (chopped) cloves of garlic
  • A little extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt and pepper

Blanch slash boil brussels sprouts till almost done cooking. You can also microwave them, which I prefer to do, since the boiled water is full of nutrients but not very tasty. I hate throwing it out, but it doesn't make a good stock because, well, it holds onto the pervasive taste of brussels sprouts no matter what you add to it.

When they are almost done, shock the brussels sprouts in an ice bath to stop them cooking. Halve them.

Drop the olive oil into a cold skillet and add the chopped garlic. Heat on low to cook for just a little bit, until it's just getting golden. Add the brussels sprouts and sautee on medium heat until cooked, stirring only when necessary, preferably achieving a nice brown on the flat edges.

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