Chianti senza il Vino

When you hear Greve in Chianti, the first thing that comes to mind is, if you’re anything like me, wine tasting!

Epic fail. Everything was closed for carnevale! However, we did some wonderful hiking, and when we got back down to the village, Bruno bought us each a glass of wine in the only open bar in town.

Still, it was a really nicely spent day, and the fresh air and olive trees all around us helped revive my spirit after a pretty stressful week.

I feel like we never get time to just stop and breathe; so that’s what we did in Chianti.

Oh, travel update! Going to Sevilla in two weekends (March 5 – 7) and for spring break (which lasts TEN DAYS starting March 18), I’m going to Sicily and the Aelion Islands! Sulfur springs and black sand beaches, here I come. Guess I gotta start my diet… HA HA HA.

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