Trattoria Nella // Grom

Old, old photos from a lovely night my second week in Florence!

The Trattoria Nella is on Via della Terme. It's a cute little ristorante (kind of expensive) but as soon as you bite into the gnocchi al pomodoro, you know: it's worth it. Oh yes, oh god yes, it's worth it.

The little dumplings fall  apart as soon as they hit your tongue. The combination of tangy, sweet tomatoes, savory basil, and just the right amount of salt amounted to the best place I've had in Florence.

Except Gabriella's eggplant. Oh, the melanzane... I need to stop. I'm getting hungry.

Afterwards, we hit up Grom, a famous gelateria in Florence. I had the sortbetto alla mela (apple sorbet), which was freaking amazing. I will even hazard to say it was a revelation, because I would never have thought to use apples in sorbet. With some gorgonzola or some fresh cream, it would have been perfect.

But still, I don't think Grom deserves its reputation for eing the "best gelateria in Florence." I've certainly had gelato from a couple other spots, Carraia and Gelateria Neri to name a couple, that was just as good if not better than what I tasted of my friends' creamy gelato from Grom. But I'm not an expert, obviously.

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