A Night Out

I don't usually bring my camera with me when we go out in Italy (for obvious reasons; note flaming shot) but I happened to chronicle the beginning of one last weekend... I met Sarah, Hattie, and Kelsey at their apartment, and then we headed to Shots Cafe, near the Duomo.

Going out in Italy is not so much an adventure as an undertaking. There is a strange phenomenon in Florenze: a system of complicated, subconscious decision-making which all Italians understand, that tells them where to go that evening. I have never walked so much, just to get to a club or a pub and realize that we've come to the wrong place. So we walk somewhere else.

And it seems to change weekly, nightly, or even hourly. Everyone knows that Tuesdays at Be-bop are going to be full of American students and prowling Italians, but are sundays at Noir or tuesdays at Cavalli Club so well-known? Is there always burlesque at Babylon on fridays, or were we just lucky? And why does the party seem to move from Twice to 21 at exactly 1 am on Saturday nights?

These are all mysteries to me, and unfortunately my wallet is too thin to invest in research. Still, once or twice a week, I learn a little bit more...

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