Osteria Pizzeria dei Cento Poveri

After getting back from Elba--a seven-hour marathon trip--we were starving, and Bruno hooked us up.

For five euro each, we had bread, water, wine, bean and faro soup, and (DRUMROLL) raw salad, with cherry tomatoes and onions! I forgot to mention in my last post that I forgot to bring my lactaid tabs to Elba with me, and consequently felt pretty sick after eating on Saturday: "toast" from Chef Express in Santa Maria Novella (grilled cheese with mozzarella and ham, cure for my hangover from Shots and Twice, and fuel since we were operating on three hours of sleep), a spinach and goat cheese panino in Piombino, and then fresh pecorino with bruschetta at dinner.

The salad was perfect, the soup was perfect, and in fact the restaurant, Pizzeria of the Hundred Beggars, was just perfect as well.

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