Domani--I promise. For now, I'm just trying to get oriented.

I hate using other computers. On top of not being able to add my personal photos, I feel like every keyboard I come across here has a different layout. Finding apostrophes can take me up to three minutes, just pushing random combinations of command and shift keys.

I'm also trying to get a student card, so that I can get a discounted monthly bus pass. Like every in Italy, it isn't free and there is a lot of red tape.

If I thought I was tired in Rome, I had no conception of what the word "tired" actually means. I am exhausted--fatigued, sore, sleepy, lethargic--in every sense of the word. My legs and back hurt from walking a minimum of three hours everyday, my eyes hurt from squinting at the street names on plaques, my head hurts from trying to learn a whole language in two weeks, and I am emotionally drained from meeting so many people at one time.

I found out today that there is a computer lab in the S'Quola and Magliabechi buildings, so I don't need to search for Internet Trains any more.

Anyway, I will hopefully be posting something about my home, my cooking class, and my new city, Firenze! I have hundreds of photos waiting on my laptop... So excited!

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