Cooking with Padre Bruno

 My friend Gina, from Loomis (!!!), and her friend who is studying in Aix-en-Provence.

Padre Bruno hosts a dinner at a different student apartment every weeknight. I eat with Gabriella, but usually I give over to Bruno's festa to drink some wine and hang out with all of the ISA-ers before dinner. A sort of apertivo, if you will.

"Salad" (blanched cavolo nero, a green only found in Tuscany but similar to kale or chard) with pancetta and peperoncini.

My bruschetta: shallots, prosemello (parsley), garlic, tomatoes, oil, salt, and balsamic vinegar.

I found out from the french girls--ecuse me, American girls studying in France--that it's not just me and Deanna who go apeshit for eggplant here! They couldn't stop raving about the aubergines at a restaurant they frequent in Aix. I felt a little better about my obsession for Gabriella's melanzane alla vinaigrette.
James knows a guy who knows a got who got him 30 liters of great chianti. The best part is looking into your glass and seeing remnants of the containers' old contents (in this case, olive oil) floating like milk's skin on the top of your wine. Mmmm.

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