Venezia 1

The whole city was PACKED for Carnevale. In my next post ("Venezia 2") hear my feelings on the matter. For now, just enjoy the pretty pictures.  In the picture above, check out Padre Bruno, hopping on board just as the gondolier pushes off. "Rock-n-Roll!"

For a gondola ride on a student budget, find the Traghetto Sofia, where for 50 eurocents you get the ride of your life. 

Post-traghetto: Alive after all. 

After the traghetto, Bruno bought us all clementines. Thanks, MY MAIN MAN!

A couple of glasses of vin brule later, and we were ready to watch them set up...an artichoke tree? Even now, I have no idea what they were doing. But it was more fun to watch the preparations than it was to fight the crowds, so we hung out in the square for a while. And tried, unsuccessfully, to figure out why there were building a tower of produce.

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