Kinder & La Borsa

As promised, pictures of the new purse!


Plus, my favorite snackfood. It is healthy because it has vitamins—if you count saturated fat as a vitamin.

Amazingly, I’ve lost weight since coming here. Or maybe it’s not so surprising, considering I walk more than four hours a day, and just from Alessandro Volta to Brunetto Latini, it’s six blocks, uphill. (Both ways.)

My supply of food for lunches is so ridiculous right now. I meant to go to the store on Saturday but of course, we were in VENEZIA!!! (More on that later.)
And yesterday the entire city was closed. 

This is going to take some getting used to. I can't live on Kinder, pistachios, kebab and Pocket Coffee for much longer. The food situation is getting to all of us.

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