Firenze fa freddo.


Nobody told me it was going to be windy, rainy, and sub-freezing. There was snow last week. Snow!!!

I bought a coat though, and it’s soooo purdy. It goes down to my mid-thigh but it’s fitted at the waist, and very flattering. Sometimes when I put it on, though, especially when I’m wearing my leather gloves too, I feel like I’m going to go fight a duel or kill a man’s favorite horse and put its head in bed with him.

That, or a little bit euro-trashy. You guys are going to be so excited to see me when I come back, if only to stare at my new-found tackiness (although some would argue it’s always been there, evidenced by my love for sequins and animal print).

Speaking of animal print, I fell in love with un colbacco, a big Russian style hat made entirely of fox fur. Gabriella (my host mom) explained to me that they call that style un colbacco because it looks like the hats the British guards wear. I don’t really get it, but I’m getting used to that feeling.

Oh, did I mention the hat was 80 euro? That, and the fact that a fox-fur hat is totally impractical in this rainy climate, convinced me to look for a fake one. Yes, you read that right: Obviously, I still want a giant fur hat.

I told you, I am fully embracing my inner euro-trash.

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